One afternoon at Pabba’s (Ideal Icecream)



If one happens to visit Mangalore then it’s a custom to visit and relish the icecreams from Pabba’s. Pure milk, pure cream and pure delight for 40 years that is Pabba’s is known for. Situated at Lalbagh, Mangalore Pabba’s is famous for it’s special icecreams.

They offers milk shakes, fruit juices, short eats and hot bevarages too. You can have the icecreams in slabs too. They have both cafe and parcel system. Generally most of the people opt for parcel. If you opt for sitting inside cafe then be prepared to wait for sometime because of the rush.





20150823_162320 20150823_162332

The most demanded flavour is Special Gadbad and Pabba’s special.


In Pabba’s special one can choose the three flavours of icecream and three toppings of his/her choice. It contains fresh fruits, three scoops of icecreams,  three toppings and dry fruits.



The newly lunched tropical dhamaka contains cashew nuts,fresh fruits, Icecream scoops of mango, coconut burfi,chicku and jackfruit with toppings.


Ideal lunched a new icecream “40-40” on May 1st on completion of 40 years in icecream business.


They have a whole total of 27 flavors and  10 toppings available out of which some flavors are seasonal.

The service hours are from 10 am to 9 pm.
Total VFM.
Note- They provide purified water.
Outside food is not allowed inside cafe.
Debit card /credit card is not accepted.
No smoking cafeteria.


Follow their facebook page – to keep track of their newly lunched flavours and offers.



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  1. ppadmaja says:

    Your recipes are very innovative and amazing. Keep going

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    1. Thanks a lot dear. Keep following my blog for more interesting and authentic recipes.


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