Eggless Pudding (with Germinated ripe Palm fruit’s seed)


Presenting my first experiment Eggless pudding.
Eggless Pudding made with Arrow root powder, apple and Germinated ripe Palm fruit’s seed



Milk – 500 ml

Apple – one

Germinated seeds’s – 1 cup ( chopped into small pieces)

Sugar – 2 cups

Arrow root powder – one tbsp

cold milk – 3 tbsp

Green cardamom powder – a teaspoon ( approx  three green cadamom)

Vanilla essence – a drop

Fresh grated coconut – 1/4 th cup ( keep aside one to two tbsp for garnishing)

Cherry – 10 to 12 pieces

Kismis – 10 to 12 pieces

Date’s – 1 to 2 (you can use seedless date too)


Take 500ml milk reduce it or boil it for 20 minutes. Then add one apple(grated) and the germinated seed’s cut into small pieces. Continue to mix in lower heat throughout. Then add 2 cups of sugar. You can take less sugar or add sugar substitute for this. Then take one spoon of arrow root powder mix with a little cold milk. Add this arrow root liquid into the boiling milk. And continuously stir for 5 minutes. Add 3 green cardamom (powder form) and one drop of Vanilla essence.Then add 1/4 th cup fresh coconut( grated) and remove from the heat. Transfer the content into one serving bowl. Garnish with fresh grated coconut, cherry, kismis and date’s.

Note: Germinated ripe Palm fruit’s seed’s are the inside part of the ripened palm fruit. The ripe palm fruits are stacked in a open place as shown in picture. Then after a gap if one or two months the seeds are germinated and we will get a not too soft white filling inside the outer cover of the fruit which tasted like sweet water chestnut’s.








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