Besan Kadhi with Pyaz pakodi


Besan Kadhi with Pyaz Pakodi and chapati for lunch.
Recipe for kadhi

Recipe of Kadhi with pyaz pakodi

Firstly to prepare pakodi –

Mix besan, shallot, chopped onion, chopped green chilly, chopped coriander leaves, crushed black pepper, crushed roasted coriander seeds, ajwain, salt,a pinch of baking powder.Add a little water , mix well.

Take a little mixture, shape them round and deep fry these.

Remove from oil and keep aside.

For kadhi-

I used leftover butter milk after preparing ghee( you can use plain curd too), half cup normal curd, one tbsp besan/ rice powder/ whole wheat flour, a little salt, a pinch turmeric.

Stirr well so that no lumps are there.

Pour this mixture in a deep pan and place this pan in high heat over gas.

Continue to stirr till the liquid starts to boil. Then you can lower the heat and stop stirring.

For Tadka-

In a pan heat a little oil, add a little zeera, sarsho(black rai), a pinch of hing, loads of chopped garlic, a little chilly powder.

Saute till the garlic turns golden.Now pour the tadka into the boiling curd.Keep in heat for 5 minutes then remove in a serving dish.

Serving Suggestion-

Add the pyaz pakodi in the kadhi and chopped coriander leaves.


Enjoy with steamed hot rice or garama garam chapati.


If you like your pakodi soft then add the pakodi’s after the kadhi is prepared.

Don’t boil the kadhi after adding Pakodi’s.




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