I am a fan of my mother’s cooked food


How many of you are totally hooked to your mum made food?

I am sure like me, each of us always admired our mother’s handmade cooking and craves for the same taste whenever we try to cook.

For me cooking comes naturally to me as a true foodie and a fan of my mother’s cooked food.

When after marriage I got to know that my hubby seldom enters to the kitchen, so I have no other choice left rather than start some basic cooking and occasionally experimenting to create something unique.

Pretty soon I start regular cooking all thanks to hour long talks with my mother over phone. She never failed to guide me to create tasty food.

But everytime I cook ,there is a hope that the end result should match exactly how my mother’s cooked food supposed to taste. But I failed many a times. Like they say – It’s near impossible task to match your mother’s cooking.

But my never say never attitute keeps me going. Ultimatly I planned a lunch menu which was my all time favourite combo of Pakhala(Watery rice, Potato cauliflower peas masala and Badi Chura(chutney of Fried dumplings of dried urad dal dumplings). And boy atlast I succeed in recreating the combo which my mother cooked to perfection and somehow I managed to match the taste too.

Altogether there is nothing like home cooked mum’s handmade comfort food. There is complete bliss in each morsel. We too should strive to cook food from heart for all our loved one’s and create new friends through our cooking skill’s. There is nothing like gossip,cooking and bonding over food.

Whenever I am stuck while cooking, for any doubt I trust the guidance and tips of my mother.

Now a days whenever i visit my mayeka(Mother’s place) I tend to surprise my family with cooking some of my speciality dishes and they are awe stuck to see me cooking. I can bet that most of the girl’s starts their cooking after only after marriage. So my advice will be get married then learn cooking(tongue in cheek). There was a time when I used to thought that rolling out round chapati is the most difficult task in the entire world but change of scenario after my marriage ,it tooks me one year to roll out thin round chapati. I somehow managed to prepare the chapati’s after carefull watching my mother’s making of chapati’s. Now I no longer afraid of trying anything new or to experiment inside kitchen. Being able to cook simple daily meals has turns me into a confident person.

I am true foodie at heart and in my adulthood I used to throw tantrums over food which resulted into heated arguments with my mother. Now when I look back I felt bad of my behaviour. I get the tit for tats when ny kid of three years is doing the same with me. She being a fussy eater left me in a state of anxiety all the time.

I have found my true cooking Guru in form of my mother. For me cooking for my family and seeing the happiness in their face when they are eating and relishing the food cooked by me, brings me much more satisfaction in my life.

Cooking can be a form of stress buster too. I prefer to cook by focussing all my energies in cooking. I hate to be distracted by anything or anyone while I cook. I love to cook alone and having full authority inside my kitchen atleast.


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  1. Such a heartfelt post!! Great one Sush!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much Noorain ❤


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