An Evening at Waffle Walle


How about turning your most stressful day into something exciting by indulging in some authentic varieties of Belgium Waffle’s?

Yes most of you will say ‘Yes’.

I happened to taste these sinful yet fulfilling dessert cum dinner on New Year evening.

Yes a waffle can be very filling for most of us, so one can easily substitute one’s dinner with these waffles.

There is some difficulty in locating this place ‘Waffle Walle’ as I thought it’s inside the Royal Meenakshi Mall, Opposite Hyper City, Bannerghatta Road.

But after searching for a good fifteen minutes finally I succeeded in finding the place with the help of Google.

I was transported to my childhood after tracking the dainty food wagon at the outer periphery of the mall.


There was some decent crowd at the kiosk who flock to the place to get a taste of the delightful Waffles with different sauce toppings, fruit toppings, Icecream toppings, nut toppings along with the sprinklers and extra toppings of every kind like Rainbow sprinklers, Choco sprinklers, Oreos, Choco sticks,Gems, Choco chips and Ferrero Rocher.

Waffle Walle serve two most authentic varieties of Belgium Waffle’s namely the Brussels and Liege.



Brussels is light , soft and crispy waffles and Liege is thicker,crunchier,sweeter and chewy waffles made from the batter .( The waffle batter is prepared by the owner himself so is the whipped fresh cream as well as Belgian Hot chocolate sauce)

I tried the custom made Brussels Chocolate Waffles with Nutella,Vanila Icecream and fresh whipped cream , Liege Waffle with Blueberry fruit with blueberry ice cream and blueberry preserve and the plain Liege dusted with icing sugar.




Personally I like the Brussels one compared to the Liege one.

You can order from the fixed menu displayed there as well as you custom made your orders.

The fixed menu have a wide and exciting  variety to choose from like Classic, Choco Bite, Snow White, Pineapple Delight, Yummy Tummy, Pink Lips, Oreo Freaking Party, Indulgence, Fruit Burst and Berry Exotica.

And for those who are the extreme fan of waffles can choose Waffle Tower or Insanity Waffle from the Waffle ka Hangeover menu.

You can also try out the Hot Belgian chocolate drink and Brownie Delight (Eggless Brownie with Belgian Hot chocolate sauce and vanila icecream)





Special Alert for all the hardcore vegetarians – These waffles contains eggs

So the vegetarians can try out the icecreams with different toppings , hot belgian chocolate drink and the eggless brownie delight.

These waffles are totally Value for Money and they are using the best available top quality ingredients to create those amazing waffles.


Recently they have came up with their new packing boxes for the parcels and home delivery so one can enjoy their waffles whenever they want at the comfort of their home.



Order online / Home delivery  –

Follow their facebook page –

Contact them on – 8880099288

You can also download the Waffle Walle Mobile App on Android for exclusive offers and discount.


The owner Mr. Chetan Kedia has many years of corporate experience in Investment Banking. But he quit his job finally to follow his passion for food and turns into an entrepreneur.


Wishing the Waffle Walle all the very best as they are doing really great with their Belgian waffles. Looking forward to see more of their wagons or outlets in near future.




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